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JFK makes an unforgettable campaign stop in our town

On Monday, October 3, 1960, a U.S. senator visited Venice just a month ahead of the presidential election. John F. Kennedy came to Venice and gave a speech to residents and school children.

There is a short film clip of that day on this website. Click HERE to see the video.

Thanks to Jimmy Simmons, who now has many of his late uncle Walter "Buck" Simmons's political photos, we are able to share still photos of Kennedy's visit and many faces can clearly be seen. Of course, not everyone present that day is in the photos, but many are and we have made the photos large enough to easily pick out residents.

Maybe you will see yourself in one of the photos. Click on any of the photos below to see a much larger version in which you can see Venice residents even better.

Scroll down to view more photos of Kennedy in Venice

Here is the text of the speech given by John F. Kennedy that day:

For a larger version, click HERE.

Click on any photo for a large version.

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