How much do you know about Venice?
Venice Quiz #2
  1. In what year was Venice High School built?    
  2. Which former U.S. President visited Venice?    
  3. When did Rev. Peter Kaenders die?    
  4. What year was Police Chief Michael Clifford killed?    
  5. What caused the Police Chief's death?    
  6. Who was mayor when Chief Clifford was killed?    
  7. How many times per day did the St. Mark bells ring?    
  8. When did Venice take over the McKinley Bridge?    
  9. In what year was the Calvary Cemetery established?    
  10. When was the first public school built on Broadway?    

correct on first try. If you got all 10 right on the first try, you're a

More questions will be added from time to time. Check back often.
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