How much do you know about Venice?

  1. In what year did Venice receive its name?    
  2. In what year was the City of Venice incorporated?    
  3. What year was the City Hall at Broadway & Klein Street built?    
  4. Who was the first mayor of the City of Venice?    
  5. What year was the old St. Mark church/school built?    
  6. For whom was the McKinley Bridge named?    
  7. When was the present St. Mark Church dedicated?    
  8. What year was the "new" First Methodist Church dedicated?    
  9. In what year was the Merchants Bridge completed?    
  10. In what year was the old viaduct built?    

correct on first try. If you got all 10 right on the first try, you're a

More questions will be added from time to time. Check back often.
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