These are tokens used in Venice and other area establishments. The scans were made to keep the tokens' sizes relative to one another.

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Thesee were used at the Venice Social Club at 717 Brown St. The one on the left is brass and about the size of a nickel. The one on the right is a "wooden nickel" and was larger than a half dollar. The club was chartered in 1948 and the brass token was probably used in the '50s and '60s.
When a draft beer cost a nickel, tokens like this one from Joe Goodrich's bar were in wide use.
Groceries also used tokens. This one is from Tri-City Grocery which operated on Broadway for many years.
The Schermer Bros. Grocery also used tokens, but not for a direct value. These two tokens from different periods, were worth 25 cents, but only if you bought $5 worth of merchadise.
Venice had John's Drive-In, if you wanted sodas, shakes, sundaes or a variety of heated up sandwiches, like a Poor Boy, but if you wanted a fresh hamberger or fries Burger Chef, in the 1100 block of Madison Avenue in Madison, was just a few blocks away. The token on the left is marked 1969. Some of you may remember the TV commercial character "Fangburger" and "Funmoney" on the right.
(All courtesy of Patrick Foley)

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