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We need your help!
The committee is always searching for photos, documents and memorabilia of Venice. The purpose of the committee is to collect and document anything connected to Venice then disseminate the materials using DVDs and this website so everyone can see and learn about their hometown. Anyone having any photos or items or knowing where we can get access to items is asked to contact us at venicememories@yahoo.com. We would like to scan or photograph your items. If you live in or near the Metro-East area, we can even come to you at your convenience. We will scan photos and documents or photograph items without harming them. If you live outside the immediate area, contact us to make mailing arrangements. Other options are described below.


If you are able to scan photos and documents and would like to submit them for inclusion in the VHC archive to be shared with your Venice community, please following these simple instructions:

  • Make all scans at 600 dpi (ppi) and save as a regular jpg file.

  • You can name the files scan1.jpg, scan2.jpg, scan3.jpg, etc. Details can be included in an email.

  • Scan everything as a color photo, if you have that option, even if it is a Black & White photo or document. Color scans have much more detail and retain the look of older photos.

  • If the photo or document has anything on the back of it that identifies the subject matter or people in the photo, please scan the back as well right after the front.

  • Attach the files to an email and send to Patrick Foley at venicememories@yahoo.com. Most email services have a 25MB limit on attachments. If your scans total more than 25MB, please use two or three emails to send them.

  • If you have a Dropbox account or other file sharing service, feel free to send me a link to the files.

    If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to send your questions to venicememories@yahoo.com and I will respond to you ASAP.


    If you have an item, like a sports letter or anything that can't be scanned, and you can photograph it, or are able to have it photographed, with a digital camera:

  • Please take the photos at the largest setting your camera is capable of. (I.E. if you have a 12MP camera, take the photos at the 12MP setting. Many cameras use the terms LARGE then FINE for setting to take the largest photo)
  • Either use a flash or full daylight and take several photos from different angles and as close as possible.
  • Attach the original photos to an email and send to venicememories@yahoo.com.

    Again, if you need assistance in taking the photos, please email me and I will respond ASAP.

    You will receive full credit for all submissions to the committee.

    It is not advisable to use a camera, not even one that captures fine details, to photograph any photos or documents as the quality of the resulting photograph would not be suitable for archival purposes. Scanning, using the above instructions, is the preferred method of archiving photographs and documents, unless items are in frames and cannot be removed.


    If you have 35mm color slides, 35mm B&W slides, 35mm B&W or color negatives or any other size negatives that you want to share with the rest of the Venice community, we can scan those as well.

    Please contact Patrick Foley venicememories@yahoo.com to arrange to have these types of items scanned. It only takes approximately two seconds to scan 35mm slides or film frames and a bit longer for larger negatives. These scans will result in file sizes appropriate for the committee's archives.

    Of course, the committee will also accept domations of any photos, slides, negatives, items or anything else Venice related and all items will be attributed to the donor.

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