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Plans for the 2018 Venice Reunion are already underway. The Class of '68 will be honored on their 50th graduation anniversary.
There will be something for everyone at the 2018 Venice Reunion!

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We need your help!
The committee is always searching for photos, documents and memorabilia of Venice. The purpose of the committee is to collect and document anything connected to Venice then disseminate the materials using DVDs and this website so everyone can see and learn about their hometown. Anyone having any photos or items or knowing where we can get access to items is asked to contact us at venicememories@yahoo.com. If you live in or near the Metro-East area, we can even come to you at your convenience. We will scan photos and documents or photograph items without harming them. If you live outside the immediate area, contact us to make mailing arrangements.
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Post Office
An early view of Venice along Main Street

If you are on Facebook, you can do a SEARCH and type in Venice History Committee and see what others have posted. There are many photos, some class photos and a number of candid photos from previous reunions.


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