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214 obituaries of our Venice community
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Russell Pace
George E. Dilday
Jack Hilton
Carroll "CJ" Lanahan
Mary Borkowski
JoAnn Cannon
Lawrence Lockhar
Charles Collins
Lucille Kalogerou
Robert Hargis
Rogera Mefford
Dorothy Ledford
Emma Jean Heisey
John Hargis
Inez Bennett
Lance Austin
Joan Flowers
Marlene (Blumenstock) Miller
Lynn Rapp
Mary Ohlendorf
Larry Allen
Michael Britt
David Grillion
Charles Svoboda
Jack Tolliver
William Foote
Geraldine Burkey
Marguerite Ferris
James Long
David James Ohlendorf
Eileen Newsome
Peggy Corrie
Catherine (Mangiaracino) Buechele
Virginia Lopez
Dale Mangiaracino
Eva Kurtz
James Baker Sr.
Sandra Brewer
James Fuller
Darlene Baker
Johnny McGlone Jr.
Wanda Mae Renner
Shirley (Ritz) Watkins

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