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A letter to 1970 graduates

Dear fellow classmates,

2020 will be our 50th anniversary of graduating from VHS and the class will be honored at the Venice Reunion 2020 on August 1.

As you may know, the history committee has the hall photos from VHS, but unfortunately since the hall photos were first inventoried as early as 2007, the Class of 1970 hall photo was found to be missing.

Please check out our website www.venicememories.org to read about our latest appeal to locate the Class of '70 hall photo. I would at least like to have the opportunity to photograph the collage so we can get a print made and have it framed.

I will be the reunion chairman for our anniversary in 2020.

We would prefer to communicate to all of you by email, and we have email addresses for a few of you. If we don't have yours, you didn't received a notice and link to this page via email. Please send us your email to venicememories@yahoo.com.

Mark your calendar and please consider attending the Venice Reunion 2020. We belonged to the largest class at VHS with 56 graduates and I would hope we could get a good portion of our class together for one evening.

The reunion will again be at the Elks Hall on Maryville Road in Granite City. Doors open at 5 p.m. and we wrap things up by 10 p.m. Several motels are located nearby in Pontoon Beach.

Please contact any 1970 classmates and let them know about the reunion. You can even have them send me their email address.

Everyone from Venice is invited.

If we don't have any luck getting our hall photo returned, or at least photographed and reproduced, we have a Plan B. We will recreate the hall collage, but we need a few senior photos.

We have senior photos of 39 of the 56 graduates. If you still have senior photos from 1970, please see if you have any of these 13 classmates. (We have confirmed that at least four graduates did not have senior photos taken, but we don't know how many of these 13 had pictures taken or appeared on the original hall collage.)


Robert Edward Coleman
Delores Ann Dozier
Kelvin Gardner
John J. Getz
Danny Ray Holmes
Juanita Jennings
Andrei Montez Johnson
Joseph "Jody" Johnson
Jerry D. Jones
Patricia Ann Mosby
Harvey McDonald
Arbrella Wooten
Sammie Wooten

We sincerely hope to hear from you and to see you next August 1 at the reunion. More reunion details will be annouced later. Please check this web page regularly.


Contact me anytime at venicememories@yahoo.com

Patrick Foley
Class president
2020 Reunion chairman

Recreating a hall photo collage

Here are two mockups of a possible replacement for our missing hall photos. Ar right is a 24w x 36-inch vertical version and below is a 36w x 24-inch horizontal depiction. Each has places for 56 graduates.

Everyone's names will be included, regardless if there is a photo or not.

We're looking at no more than $200 for the print and framing. A small donation of $5 or $10 will go a long way to reaching our goal. Of couse, any amount will be greatly appreciated. How and where to submit a donation is in the above letter.

Contact any and all Class of '70 classmates to get them involved. Even if you're not able to make it to the reunion, we hope you are still excited for your classmates on this momentous occasion.

A photo of those who do attend will be placed on this page after the event.